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Learn more about our mobile enterprise application platform, features and benefits


The FieldWorker solution offers a complete enterprise mobility solution. FieldWorker enables enterprises to design, deploy and manage mobile work and applications. Designed for iOS, Android & Windows based devices, our platform provides everything a business needs for a successful mobile project. FieldWorker utilizes all native features on the device such as bar code and RFID scanning, image and camera, GPS, Bluetooth, so you can do more infield data collection. Add complex business logic to make your forms smarter and more effective. 




FieldWorker Solution Diagram

Features and Benefits


FieldWorker Enterprise delivers a complete enterprise mobile data collection and synchronization solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house or customized solutions. You save critical capital upfront and reduce support and expansion costs down the road. Rolling out your first enterprise-wide FieldWorker application will give you an immediate ROI, and every subsequent FieldWorker application accelerates your return on your investment.

Some key benefits with using FieldWorker solutions are:


Implementation Times


Development applications virtually code-free using our Designer tool. FieldWorker enables businesses to develop mobile apps designed for their workflow in a fraction of the time it takes for custom code or code-based tools. 



Device Independent


Write once, deploy anywhere. Sophisticated native mobile applications for iOS, Android or Windows devices. Applications that work with your device’s built in features means faster performance and added functionality. 



Unlimited Expandability


FieldWorker provides ultimate scalability. Develop multiply applications and support only one software service. Further FieldWorker allows for data capture from any type of serial device using COM and Bluetooth ports. This includes GPS, barcode and RFID scanners and digital cameras.



Network Agnostic


Productivity goes up when your user’s can do their job with or without a data connection. Real-time or batch, it’s up to you.



Back-end Integration


Flexibility to integrate into any open-ended back end system. FieldWorker Enterprise provides a simple XML-based API so data can be handled through an easy and widely accepted data format. It is the standard format to send data to FieldWorker or extract data out from integration mapping processes. 

Featured Industry Solutions

Featured Industry Solutions

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