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Asset Tracking. Greater Efficiency and Control with Mobile Asset Management

Contact us today and learn how we can build a solution designed to work for you.

Optimizing products and parts availability and stocking levels is a daunting task. One of the leading uses for bar code and RFID (radio frequency identification) in the enterprise is the tracking and management of assets. 

With an integrated solution consisting of printers, scanners, and labels, the process of cataloging and counting assets is greatly streamlined both in-premise and mobile inventory management at the point of work.

FieldWorker will configure an asset tracking software solutions that will helps track distributed assets based on how your company works. No canned solution that will not meet all your needs. FieldWorker mobile solutions can provide a repository for tracking of ownership, location, and movement of capital goods or personal assets. Original inventory is entered into the database with regular updates as the status of an asset changes. This Framework can be customized to fit any company structure and can greatly increase the ability to track electronic equipment that moves from department to department. Reference books shared among colleagues, company cars in use by employees and virtually any other asset can be logged and tracked using the solution software.


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