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FieldWorker understands that a well-trained staff is critical to achieving the desired return on investment from your solution implementation. Experienced FieldWorker trainers help you and your team members understand the applications by teaching you how to use it in the context of your work environment. We review the capabilities of the mobile devices you are using and educate you and your team on shortcuts and techniques for everyday system use, all in a low-key, hands-on setting.



Experience the ease of using of the FieldWorker solutions on your devices with training courses tailored to your specific needs and customized to your environments. Boost productivity of your organization by deploying any of the following training programs.

User Training


Training for your users includes an introduction to the mobile computing hardware device, an overview of the FieldWorker software, basic data input options, and understanding the device-to-host synchronization process. The training program is delivered using your configured application, and includes an explanation of all forms, views, and filters for day-to-day use.



In addition to the user-training curriculum, training for company trainers includes an introduction to the installation, configuration and administration of FieldWorker applications, as well as information on basic troubleshooting.

Administrator and Help Desk Staff


Training for FieldWorker administrators and client help desk staff includes an in-depth understanding of all aspects of installation, configuration, administration, integration and troubleshooting of FieldWorker applications. This includes detailed training on FieldWorker design console, guidance on permissions, synchronization and other system settings.

Contact a FieldWorker representative to learn more about our services. 


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