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FieldWorker Enterprise

The Gateway to Your Data

Manage collected information through the web





All data within the FieldWorker Enterprise environment is accessible through Portal. A comprehensive tool to dispatch, review and report on your data. Define rules to ensure the right data gets to the right person at the right time. Sophisticated scheduling, user assignment, status monitoring, GPS tracking, internal messaging and more.


  • Easy and quick creation of mobile forms using Designer.

  • Define business logic rules to control the edit-ability of fields, pre-populate information, control workflow.

  • Events API can action events, control workflow, validation and calculations. The possibilities are endless.

  • Define layouts for different screen views and devices.

  • Track changes through version control and the history of changes.


Integration Manager


  • Setup integration processes to transfer data to/from the backend

  • Simple XML-based API so data can be handled through an easy and widely accepted data format.

  • Schedule jobs and email notifications

  • View and control log files



  • Dispatch work automatically to employees with the skills/presence/availability to do the job

  • Define rules for users based on attributes such as:

    • Record Data

    • GPS Location

    • Calendar Schedule

    • Workload

  • Great for users with a high volume of jobs




  • Communicate instantly with your field users

  • Ensure your communications was received and acknowledged for regulatory requirements

  • Create groups, automate emails, view history and more

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