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Professional Services

Organizations often underestimate the complexity, risk and cost involved in the planning, design, deployment and maintenance of mobile solutions. Often, the results are costly implementation delays, exceeded budgets and/or deployments with less than optimal functionality - limiting performance gains, quality and value to the organization.

Project Phases

Requirements Gathering



Development, Deployment and Testing

User Acceptance Testing


Roll-out, Go Live

The FieldWorker Professional Services team can aid in the creation of your mission critical business processes using their knowledge and expertise to design dynamic mobile business solutions for small, medium or large enterprises.  The FieldWorker Professional staff can design forms that incorporates your business logic and validation rules, capture images, signatures, barcode scanning, RFID, mobile printing, skip logic, sketching and more, all while integrating into your back office system. From design, integration, implementation, training and support, our expert services team is here to help you realize the potential of your mobile business strategy now and for the future.

FieldWorker's Professional Services team utilizes a proven solution implementation methodology that takes the risk and complexity out of your deployment, delivering value far beyond off-the-shelf or custom-built solutions. Our approach incorporates a business and technical process review and subsequent planning for the design, integration and rollout of a distributed, mobile solution that meets the needs of your business. From our thorough pre-installation checklist to comprehensive implementation planning process, the FieldWorker Professional Services team ensures that your implementation goes smoothly long before the physical installation begins.

Contact a FieldWorker representative to learn more about our services. 


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