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Time & Resource Tracking. From Field to Office: Tracking – In Real-Time!

As companies strive to operate closer to real-time, having accurate and timely information directly from field and operations is a critical component to success and profitability.


The massive amount of time and resources that must be focused on the planning and distribution of goods and services is only as effective as the methods used to organize them. Easy to implement Time and Materials Tracking is a tedious and costly process for most companies and a successful implementation requires expertise in both industry and technology.

FieldWorker fully customizable and flexible Time & Resources Tracking solution provides real-time status updates, data connection and sync services with the enterprise data servers. Our automated system allows electronic sign on/off process to validate any form of data, allowing significant improvements in workload balancing throughout the day with task updates moving from inspector to supervisor.


Capturing time sheet information quickly and easily is one of the main advantages of having a mobile solution implemented in a company. Whether your team works from the field or office, FieldWorker mobile software simplifies the employee timesheets submittal process, data capture and real-time transmission of data to management.


From two employees on a single project to over 200 on multiple projects on a global scale – FieldWorker can build a custom solution to meet your specific business needs.


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