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Inspections. Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs with Streamlined Inspection Solutions

With declining budgets and increased demand for services, you are required to do more with less. Effectively eliminating administrative overhead and completing more inspections in a less time is not a luxury any longer – it's a requirement no business can afford to operate without.


An effective inspection solution can make completion of more inspections easier by eliminating wasted time and inaccurate paperwork. Create follow-up service orders, and track anything necessary at the point-of-inspection instantly. Verify inspections findings immediately, effectively and upload data to back end systems for verification reports.

FieldWorker software and solutions can help you automate the inspection process by allowing you to view previous inspection history to make more informed decisions. Using a mobile printer, generating violation notices and generating billing information is a seamless process.


The FieldWorker Inspection solution is designed specifically to benefit government employees, building inspectors, maintenance technicians, fire, safety and security officers to maximize efficiency by delivering the tools you need to:


  • Regulate work orders

  • Capture quick and accurate data

  • Speed billing and charge-backs

  • Generate work order requests in the field


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