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Work Order Management. Increase Efficiency and Profits 

In today competitive marketplace, proper management of supply and demand and efficient management of workforce is the key to maximizing customer satisfaction and profits. Work order management is one of the best ways to maximize workflow efficiency. Keeping the filed connected to the management and accelerating the flow of business critical information across the enterprise, allows the management to make informed decisions and respond faster to customer needs.

The FieldWorker Enterprise software enables the task of dispatching work orders to independent subcontractors, project managers and crew foremen and electronically collect results in real-time. This fully customizable mobile solutions enables users in a Support Center to easily assign service and repair tasks to a customer site based on geographic location.


Requests entered by Call Center agents are automatically dispatched to the appropriate technician in the field via FieldWorker synchronization. Once the job is completed, the field technician can record labor hours, rates and replacement parts and synchronize the records back to the central database.


The Fieldworker fully customizable Enterprise software solution is designed to meet the needs of various industries, including:


  • Airline and Ground Services

  • Courier and Delivery

  • Government

  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

  • Insurance

  • Retail and Sales

  • Trucking and Delivery

  • Taxi Cab and Limousine Service

  • And many more...


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